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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  February 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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everyone deserves a great vacation at a great price. get on board a carnival cruise, and get more fun for all. [ foghorn blows ] thanks for starting your week with us. i'm angie goff. >> i'm chris gordon. welcome to news for today this saturday, february 11th. chuck bell is the man of the hour. >> absolutely. another shot of winter coming your way. this time, unlike other times, there's a lot of cold air to deal with. 35, 36 degrees in the snow. that's not the case this time. will be for saturday. oh, the cold air, a little push
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for canada, coming our way. if you haven't been able to find a warm mitten, scarf or jacket, you better start looking right away. there's the main terminal at reagan international airport. rain coming down in the metro area. 32 martinsburg and front royal and winchester, temperatures at the freezing mark. your saturday planner, temperatures today before the arctic air comes in. upper 30s, light rain and snow possible throughout the day. the winter weather advisory for the northern most tiers, panhandle of virginia, the blue ridge, winter weather advisory. no watches or warnings in the d.c. area proper. that doesn't mean it's snowing. light rain mixing in with snowflakes in the heart of the
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city. mostly parts of southern maryland towards the blue ridge. the situation is ending term rarely and in west virginia, that's the arctic air. an inch to maybe 2 inches of snow for the western suburbs. bitter cold weather coming in tonight and tomorrow. temperatures today won't be the real issue. tomorrow, check that out. part partly sunny, windy and cold. barely making the freezing mark. a howling wind and winds could gust up to 40 miles an hour and it will keep windchills in the single digits during the daylight hours tomorrow. that will feel like winter. >> that will shock some people. >> we have not been anywhere near that cold in a year. four robberies happened in a two hour crime span.
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all the crimes happened thursday night within a 5 mile radius. >> incredibly angry they would try something like that. >> reporter: carolyn's concerned about her fairfax county community. three armed men with ski masks attacked and tried to rob her. >> they came after me, put it to my head, told me to give them my wallet, empty my pockets. >> reporter: they punched her in the throat and ran. one of four people robbed within an hour. the four robberies may be linked and matched the same description. >> these robbers may be somewhat violent by striking two of the victims. >> reporter: three men pumped fred in the face hen he parked his minivan next to his house. >> i parked my car and they shoved guns in my face, give me all i've got.
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>> reporter: they stole his blackberry and ran away. the same thing happened attition into in -- at kingstown village parkway. >> if they're going to stoop as low to try that -- >> reporter: investigators want any with information to call the fairfax police department. we'll continue to bring you updates on our twitter account, hashtag nbcwashington. friends and family will say their good-byes to a traps gender woman robbed in washington d.c. she was strapped to death last week. yesterday, police arrested 55-year-old gary miles montgomery. at this point, police are not saying if this murder is related to any other transgender crimes in the d.c. area. lawmakers endorsed legislation saying human life
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begins at conception. they voted 14-4 to send the personhood bill to the floor. and it establishes ability to sue someone how causes the death for their unborn child and supporters say it lays the out-work for eliminates abortion. argues same sex marriage would help provide children with stable homes. the operations committee are both hearing arguments for same sex marriage. last year, the state senate approved such legislation but the bill stalled in the house. two 12-year-old girls are in serious condition this morning after being hit by a van in montgomery county. it happened last night around 7:00 in the 600 block in gaithersburg. the girls were transported to
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the pediatric trauma children's hospital. the accident shut down north and southbound lanes for a while on frederick avenue at lake forest boulevard. no word how the accident happened. in prince george's county, police are investigating a shooting that happened during a vigil in new carrollton. a man suffered non-life-threatening injuries. investigators interviewed witnesses but not released any information on a possible suspect. as many as 200 people gathered to remember 16-year-old chris smith not and killed tuesday. for the first time since george hugely's murder tried began -- >> reporter: dry eye ed as he came to court, the accused killer ended up in tears, head down, prosecutors played the
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videotaped statement he made to police on may 1st 2010 shortly after yeardley love was found dead. all could hear the hysterical parts when lisa reeves drops a bombshell. i have to tell you something says reeves, you killed her. huguely, she's dead. >> she's dead? >> you killed her. >> please tell me she's not dead. >> i wish i coiled tell you that, george. she's a 22-year-old and she's gone. hugue huguely, kill me. oh, my god, no way she's dead. he went to their apartment to talk about recent fights between rivals. i shook her a little and she kept hitting her head against the wall and said he held her
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down to the floor and her nose was bleeding. they pressed with tougher questions. did you grab her neck? i may have grabbed her a little on her neck but i never strangled her. he denied breaking down her door until they asked him repeatedly. the jurors saw the door, with a large hole knocked through it. >> reporter: at least two jurors saw it as they watch ed, along with her sister. protesters will hold a protest at cpac. about 400 propertitesters gathe outside the conference yesterday. today, demonstrators will march from malcolm x park to the parking lot, starting at noon. meanwhile, the republican candidates for president are trying to prove they're the best
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choice for conservatives. newt gingrich told activists, cpac was created to challenge the republican establishment and he's just the person to do that. >> mitt romney called it the stepchild to obama-care and romney shows his conservative credentials. >> was a severely conservative republican governor. on my watch, we fought hard and prevented massachusetts from becoming the las vegas of gay marria marriage. >> we are gathering a team and have a conservative dream team of request governor rick perry, herman cain, todd palin. >> gingrich left sarah palin off that list. ron paul will not make an appearance to the conference and his campaign attributed it to travel constraints. the controversial birth
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control mandate, yesterday president obama announced a compromise saying religious based companies will not have to provide free birth control to their employees after a protest from religious organizations and lawmakers on both sides calling it a huge overreach by the government. now, employees at religious based companies can have free access to birth control directly through their insurance company. the time right now is 6:10. don't you hate it when the phone in your pocket accidentally calls one of your contacts? one of those butt dials just landed two people in jail. >> okay. i didn't know you'd read it that way. that's the way it was written. new developments in the new developments in the on
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a judge says the man accused of killing a georgetown socialite is no longer fit to represent himself now that he's in the hospital. he is in the hospital as there
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are reports his health has rapidly deteriorated. the "washington post" has reported he is on a hunger strike and hasn't eaten in two months. he's charged with killing 91-year-old viola draft last august. reports are she died from a fall but the latest is she was beaten and strangled. police reports from a washington state mother. police found a bloodstained comforter inside her husband, josh powell's storage unit and police are now testing that blanket to see if it's related to her disappearance. josh powell has been a persons of interest since he killed himself and his two young sons in utah. police say they consider the murder suicide an admission that he killed his wife. this morning, we're hearing from the 911 operator who took the call from a social worker
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outside the powell's house the day of the explosion. >> it was horrible. this has been a nightmare. david sat down with nbc and has been criticized when he was called on sunday and been describe described as his handling of the call as clumsy. >> as i listen to the call, i recognize for example the fact she smelled gas. >> this could be life-threatening. >> realizing what we all know now, i wish i had recognized the urgency of the situation. >> he did not say why it took 22 minutes to get a deputy to the scene, only that no one could have predicted what had happened. chris. the woman accused of stealing a newborn more than 24 years ago and raising the child as her own pleaded guilty to kidnapping. and pedaway admitted to taking 3
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week old carlene na white from the harlem hospital. white discovered her past when she discovered her own baby picture from the national institute of missing children. white was reunited with her family last year and pedaway will be sentenced in may. . >> a pennsylvania judge did not rule whether to tighten jerry sandusky's jail restrictions or other restrictions. he was in court yesterday for a pretrial hearing. prosecutors want stricter bail conditions for sandusky, requiring him to be indoors. neighbors complained they saw him watching children on a nearby playground from his back porch. and he wants to be near his
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grandchildren. he said it hurts to see his wife explain to his grandkids why they can't see them. >> we came home after visiting with grandchildren or sitting there when grandchildren call on my birthday and they ask to talk to me and she has to tell them that they can't. >> sandusky told the judge he wants the trial to stay in state college. that means he cannot appeal a conviction on the grounds that the jury was biased. his trial is set for may the 14th. any who's ever owned a cell phone has probably called someone accidentally while the phone is in their pocket. two people in florida are now behind bars for their accident pocket dial. 911 dispatchers received a call but no one was talking to them. then they heard a conversation about drugs and decided to keep listening. oops. the suspects were quite surprised when the police showed up a short time later and busted
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them. always keep the key lock on, okay, folks? >> how about a hundred? >> put this thing up! hi. was i fog tgoing too fast? am i tired? it's wobbly? >> your phone's on. >> my phone is on? >> i don't have a cell phone working right now. >> 911 always works, miss. >> i would say it was working. >> as they suspected, police did find drugs in the car and arrested the two people inside. the conversation recorded on 911 is being used as evidence against them. wow. i guess even with the lock on, 911, you can still get through to it, a reminder to everyone. >> that happens so often. such an involuntary thing. has it happened to you? >> quite often. i get it a lot because angie is
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at the top of a lot of people's phone list. if you are an a, you receive a lot of unwanted calls. very interesting. >> this is good stuff, yes indeed. big changes. >> finally, for those who like a little cold in our lives. it will not stick around forever. ( susan ) so what are you gonna get me for valentine's day ? ( seth ) wouldn't you like to know ? something sparkly ? maybe. something sweet ? mmm... let's just say it's a surprise. the helzberg diamonds gift box. diamond heart pendant and godiva chocolate gems. i love you. you do ?
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after much debate an inscription on the martin luther king jr. memorial will be changed. critics claimed it was not accurate. the quote says i was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness. but the original quote is much longer. >> the sculptor is upset saying it will deface and change the monument. it will hopefully be made in time for his birthday next year. the newest ship will be named the uss gabrielle giffords. she was joined with her hub, mark kelly at the being. the 17th shape named for a woman and only the 13th for someone
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still living. outbreaks of the norovirus are on the rise, also known as the stomach flu. it spreads quickly in close quarters and cruise ships like dormitories. there are a number of out of bounds bounds -- out-breaks across the community. >> reporter: this 7-day cruise was anything but a pleasure. hundreds of sick passengers and cruise members aboard the luxury crown princess were hit by a most unwelcome party guest, the norovirus. >> it's been a nightmare. we lost two full days of our cruise. >> reporter: another ship, he ruby princess, docked early after 1 wh00 of its passenger a crew were unable to leave their cabins. >> the captain came across and said there was sickness on the ship. >> they didn't want us to touch anything somebody else might touch. >> reporter: it thrives in moist
6:24 am
environments and its easiest route of transmission, close quarters. >> because everyone is jammed up so tightly together, it's so easy for that virus to spread one person to another, those people spread it to four others, those four spread it to 18 others. >> reporter: it's not just cruise ships. in new jersey, more than 450 students contracted it at units and dozens gripped by painful stomach cramp, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. both areas stepped up cleaning and sanitizing classrooms and restrooms and officials urged precautions. >> it is important to make sure it doesn't spread by washing our hands and making sure we sanitize and scrub the halls and bathrooms and places where this can spread. >> that was dr. nancy snyderman reporting. speaking of spreading, we
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really have been able to skate by this winter. >> what winter? it's barely been cold at all. >> we're in for a big change, a lot of people with sniffles. >> a lot of people will spend time inside as seriously cold air finally makes its way out of canada into the mid-atlantic. we haven't had to deal a lot with super cold weather this winter. tomorrow, you need to be able to bundle up, have a pot of soup ready to go. tomorrow will be very windy and cold outside. on a saturday morning, it's cloudy and chilly outside. don't worry, the arctic air is sliding southward. current temperature, mix of rain and snow. 36 at the airport.
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dew point 34 degrees. that's important. the temperature can never fall below the dew point. we'll drop below freezing tonight to tomorrow morning and that can mean for slippery going early sunday morning. your saturday off to a chilly start. 32 gaithersburg, 34, rockville, all above the freezing mark but the further north and west, slightly colder air. 32 haguersburg, martinsburg and winchester. don't expect a rise in temperature today. we might squeak up another 2 degrees with off and on most of the day today. winter advisory torts northern maryland. winter storm warnings towards deep creek lake and western maryland, they might get as much as 5-10 inches of snow. we won't get that much in
6:27 am
washington. here's the live radar. kno snowflakes fly iing in souther maryland. precipitation towards the blue ridge. that won't last for long. another hit of snow coming through central and western west virginia. here has the wait looks on the microcast model. light snow through this morning. the real change comes this afternoon as the cold air starts eastbound at 2:00 this afternoon, the leading edge of the arctic air bringing our best chance for minor accumulation in the washington area, late this afternoon and this evening and the real cold air settles in tomorrow. how much snow possible? maybe one-half inch to 1 1/2 inches around town. don't bother getting the sleds
6:28 am
out. rain and snow showers, maybe a half-inch in some places. temperatures 39 to 40. and tonight, it settles in, windy and cold, single digits below zero to single digits above zero for windchills. but tomorrow, during the day, 5 above to 15 above. it will be really really cold tomorrow. the winter without winter doesn't last for long because temperatures will be back above average by the middle of the week. a little something for everybody but be ready for a cold night tonight. >> something for wisp, ski liberty and all the ski resorts in our area. >> they will have enough to make the snow stick. a teacher charged with abusing some of his students is paid tens of thousands of
6:29 am
dollars to resign. details when we return. and new questions about the deadly shooting of a woman by a virginia police officer ♪
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welcome to "news4 today." i'm chris gordon.
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>> i'm angie goff. happy saturday. the time now, 6:31. here's a look at our top stories. fairfax county police are investigating a robbery spree. police say there were four robberies within a two hour time span, all within five miles of each other thursday night. police are trying to figure out if the crimes are connected. two 12-year-oxii-year-old g in serious condition after being hit by a van in montgomery county. it happened in gaithersburg. protesters will hold another protest at the cpac conference. about 100 held a protest yesterday. today, demonstrators will march from malcolm x park to the marriott. the march starts at noon. police in culpepper are
6:33 am
investigating a deadly shooting involving one of their own. it happened on north east street thursday. an officer killed a woman in an altercation in a school parking lot. there are questions if that actually happened. >> reporter: 4-year-old pat cook, a retired cosmetologist, shot and killed by a culpepper police officer. it happened in the parking lot of a catholic school. they say someone complained of a suspicious person in the car in the lot and the cop went there to investigate. police say the officer fired a shot after pat cook closed the window of her car on the officer's arm and started to drive off. but chris buickly, he's an eyewitness. he says it didn't happen that way at all. the officer's arm caught in the window of the driver's side. >> nos not at all. >> reporter: where was his arm? >> on the door handle.
6:34 am
>> reporter: in his other arm, he had a gun. >> one hand on the door handle, one on his gun. >> reporter: what did the officer say? >> he said stop or i'll shoot. by the time she finished rolling the window up, he shot. >> reporter: he said he saw the whole thing and the cop continued to shoot at her jeep as it drifted down the street and crashed into a telephone pole. she was announced dead at the scene. >> reporter: have you ever known her to be confrontational with police? >> no. no. >> reporter: garry cook is she victim's husband and said she didn't drink or use drugs, never in trouble with the law. she got a traffic ticket back in 1979 in illinois, he said. that's about it. >> they said there was an altercation but she never left the vehicle. she was shot while in the vehicle. >> reporter: pat cook was affiliated with the united methodist church and they say
6:35 am
she worked with children there. >> hour prayers are with any involved in this situation and not a good situation for anybody. >> reporter: many questions yet to be answered. why was pat cook in this parking lot? why did she try to drive away. was that officer's life really in danger? how come so many shots were fired? the virginia state police, they're working the case. in culpepper, i'm pat collins, news news4. >> the police officer's name is not being released. he's on routine administrative leave as the investigation continue continues. officials from the los angeles school district say they stand by their decision to pay a former third grade teacher to resign after he was charged of committing lewd acts on his students. the district paid him 40,000 dollars to drop his appeal back in june, charged with 22 aclewd acts on kids between 6 and 10.
6:36 am
they said the settlement was to insure he would not be a threat to any other students. mirramont elementary school reopened its doors this week after replacing the entire staff. police in pennsylvania are investigating the death of a cardinal. he died late last month. he was originally reported of having died from cancer and dementia. a county's district attorney found the timing of the death odd. just days before his death, he was considered a key witness against a high ranking church official accused of covering up the catholic church sex scandal. >> i had the same reaction many people had, many people communicated with me that morning. it struck many of us as odd, as pecull y peculiar the cardinal passed away so suddenly after the court ruling. >> reporter: the county coroner is investigating the cause of the cardinal's death.
6:37 am
results aren't expected for another two weeks. clint eastwood is defending his super bowl commercial, urging the country to rise up from the recession. he says the biggest issue the country needs to focus on right now is cutting spending if. >> the last couple regimes are putting us deep in the hole. it's such a basic thing, your parents always tell you, when you don't have a dollar in your pocket, you don't spend $2. >> eastwood appeared in a chrysler ad that aired during the super bowl last weekend. in the two minute spot, the 81-year-old actor talks about the rebirth of chrysler and detroit. it was titled, it's halftime in america. greek officials have approved a new bailout plan for the country saking a $71 billion
6:38 am
lo loan. the program includes more job cuts as well as reduction in minimum wage and cuts to employee pensions. greece prime minister says the bailout must be approved and any cabinet members who don't support it should resign. greece's parliament could vote on the plan as early as tomorrow. another deadly day in syria. suicide bombers killed as many as 20 people in what military experts say is a deepening crisis. government forces started deploying ground forces in homes under attack from air strikes. despite the deadly attacks, protesters are still calling for uprises in other parts of the country and calling on the president, bashar al assad to step down and he has refused saying the protesters are thugs and led by foreign backed interests. there are no trains running between the east and west falls church stations on the orange
6:39 am
line. free shuttle buses are going between the stations. on the red line, trains will single track between van ness and friendship heights. on the green line, between naylor avenue and branch avenue and mt. vernon plaza and the square. and huntington and between the armory station on the blue line. you might have noticed some d.c. street signs are getting a makeover. the font on many signs have been changed to coincide with federal standards but the changes have some people scratching their heads. for instance, the new hampshire avenue sign uses three different sized letters and lowercase letters half the size of the n capital letters. no words wheer the signs will be fixed any time soon. at least they get you there no matter how pretty they are. as long as they tell me the
6:40 am
right way to go, i won't complain. >> 6:39 right now. perhaps virginia really is for lovers. next, we take you to fairfax county county, a community named one of the most romantic places in this country. this right here is my .4.45. >> talk about tough parenting, what led this father to open fire on his daughter's laptop fire on his daughter's laptop and post denny's new sizzlin' skillets are here for a limited time.
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a north carolina father has become a viral video sensation for a unique punishment he gave his daughter. his daughter posted to facebook using some colorful language, complaining about all her chores she had to do. he decided to post a video showing everyone his punishment for her. >> i don't know how to say how disappointed i am in you and how disrespectful you were. that right there is your laptop. this right here is my .4.45. and after that comment you made about your mom. you mom told me to make sure i
6:44 am
put one in there for her. that one's from her. >> whoa! the father says his daughter can buy herself a new laptop after she pays him back for the one he shot up. okay. >> a lot of viewers are scratching their head over that one. the "today" show is next on nbc4. let's find out what they're working on. >> amy robach joins us live. good morning. >> good morning. coming up on a saturday morning. mitt romney is looking to end a four-day losing streak in he caucuses. but unlike previous times he's going head to head with ron paul. investigators in washington state removed bloodstained items from a storage unit owned by josh powell, a week after a murder-suicide that left him and his two young sons to rest. we'll have the latest. former intern, mimi alford
6:45 am
talks about john robert kennedy. she joins us as critics say she should have kept that relationship a secret. who's that girl? the first look at blue ivy carter, the apple of her parents' eye. more on that story. back to you. >> we heard they're trying to copyright blue eye'd name already. >> that's right. because other people were trying to call her fragrances, et cetera her name and trying to put a stop to it. >> thanks. if virginia is for lovers, reston is for romantics. >> the social networking site foursquare came up with a list of the nation's most romantic cities. reston ranked second as to flower shops and restaurants and wine bars and the most romantic
6:46 am
is lake buena vista, florida, home to disney world. valentine's day is coming up. a lot of men and women dread february 14th. we want to know why with the hashtag stupid cupid. we will share the best with you. >> i already ordered my roses. i would like to ask you. you spent time in reston. would you agree it's the most romantic. >> i do. you can find the wine bar and romantic restaurant and beautiful flower shop within a stone's throw and very trendy and up and coming place. >> it was a planned community? the first one in the united states. >> the town center built with that in mind you can live and shop and work without having to drive too far. if you're planning to get out and enjoy mild sunshine and
6:47 am
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i'm drinkin' dunkin'. definitely dunkin'. you know, i need to get that jolt in the morning, but i want something good to do that. you can't mistake the flavor. i run on dunkin'. tell us what you're drinkin' for a chance to be famous. america runs on dunkin' coffee. 6:49. welcome back. winter weather is to blame for the death of a best selling author and washington street columnist. he swerved off the road and hit a semi-truck in michigan. sources say he was in the area for a book signing.
6:50 am
he's best known for his book, "the last copy." he was 57 years old. winter weather is known for accidents on the highways. parts of the interstate were shut down for hours because of a 13 car pileup and nine car pileup that included a school bus. forecasts say the sudden drop in winter temperatures caused rough road conditions. luckily, no serious judicious from those accidents. >> driving to work this morning, i had to take it slow. >> good news for us, we have a little bit of snow but bad news, the road beds. they won't be icy. it is raining and snowing and makes home to slippery. i would recommend slowing down a bit. overnight tonight, it could change as arctic air moves in.
6:51 am
by this time tomorrow morning, the roads will be holding a little bit of ice as noticeably air comes in the area. get ready for a wintry feel for your weekend. the real cold is back to the north and west, but really chilly to get your saturday morning going. full overcast. you can barely make out the washington monument on the left side. 555 feet and 5 1/2 inches tall. 36 degrees with light rain and snow coming down. light wind out of the northeast, 5-6 miles an hour. it will be a very windy saturday night and howly windy sunday morning. low 30s in the d.c. metro area. front royal, win xhechester, f e freezing mark. saturday planner, temperatures
6:52 am
will budge only 2-3 degrees through much of the day today. not expecting much of accumulation because the ground is still warm. into the panhandle of west virginia, winchester, virginia, further out in the mountains. a mix of rain and snow in an and around the washington area. just barely enough accumulation to get on our lawn at nbc4. and a break in the action. towards the blue ridge, that break won't last too much longer as there is more snow in west virginia inter. that's the leading edge. mostly a mix of rain and snow to get your weekend started. a break in the action late this afternoon and late this morning in the washington area. the leading edge of the arctic
6:53 am
air, 2, 3, 4:00 this afternoon is when the arctic air comes in and turns on the wind machine as well. expect a cold start tonight and bitterly cold sunday morning. how much snow possible? 1-1 1/2 inches around washington d.c. and 2 inches around fredericks bigger maryland but not a big deal. things start to get noticeably colder around here. windchill temperatures at or below zero tomorrow. wind, cold, nastiness, feeling cold for sure and barely making it to the freezing mark. it doesn't stick around, this winter without winter doesn't stick around. follow me on chuck bell on
6:54 am
twitter. >> cold everywhere. up next, the time, 6:53. coming up, the first public picture of jay-z and beyonce's baby. and
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they called themselves winners. >> big winners. >> they just brought home a major prize from a network show. >> red velvet. certainly. >> meet this sister and brother. they're behind this baking and mixing and decoratdecorating. a sibling team from trinidad, they opened their business eight months ago and recently won the title on a very popular show, the food network's cupcake wars. >> we submitted our application and within probably an hour we heard back. >> they say their recipes are inspired by their upbringing in trinidad with this coconut concoction and science.
6:58 am
both have degrees from mit and have some of the best cupcakes around. >> we believe with our background, we create treats absolutely amazing. >> reporter: the duo brought home a $10,000 prize. >> the most intense thing i've ever done. >> reporter: and these winning cakes are now a hot commodity. the fire breathing chocolate dragon, chestnut lantern amount green jade lantern. >> we also do short breads. we have shortbreads in pecan. rosemary pine nut. >> reporter: they sell upwards of 1,000 pieces every day. fred is a customer, also french, says these treats remind him of home. >> the first time i tried the mac car roan, i couldn't believe
6:59 am
it. >> reporter: since they opened their doors in june, there's been a big demand for their treats. this gentleman comes in once a week. >> we are proud of their win. >> she is a good baker and gets a little bit of credit. >> reporter: looks like the older sister takes the cupcake. news4. we're getting our first look at the most anticipated baby in the movie industry. these are photos of blue ivy carter, the baby girl born to beyonce and jay-z in february. the couple made it public yesterday and thanked the public for respecting their privacy. baby blue has already made a cameo in one of jay-z's songs. >> what a beautiful hair. i bet that momma had some heartburn. they say if you have a girl with a lot of hair,


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